Davide Magnaldo

Born in 1975 in Savigliano near Cuneo. For him, all begin when he was teenager, in his home kitchen, by making a mess trying to prepare a “tiramisù”.
The school background took him to engineering study and work, but when he felt the need of a change, the memory of “tiramisù’” came back to his mind suggesting the path.
He tied the passion for cooking with his old passion for the mountain, place familiar to him since childhood.
By wandering with his friend Gerardo in to the Cuneo’s valley, searching for the right place, he passed by “Borgata Chiappi” in Castelmagno territory; and as soon as he saw the building, it was love at the first sight.
Davide says the thing that mostly get his attention was the old wood oven of the village: crumbling and dismissed, but still there as symbol of the community.